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    CCNA Exams and Training

    The CCNA Exam is a beginning level exam. It really is of interest for many Information technology professionals around the planet. It is just a difficult exam but a test that is considered entry level since it is the first exam that Cisco Systems offers to its professionals. Many young people like to research to CCNA certified engineers because of the elite status.
    Human Resource departments around the country also value the CCNA. This can be a certification that means typically which you have studied hard. In addition, it relays a note to employers that you have a certain amount of perseverance and brains. Additionally, most CCNA’s are some people that have had at least 24 months experience.
    Exam simulator
    No HR department or potential employer within their right mind would hire a CCNA without experience. This is the red flag that they have not had proper training and most likely achieved the cert by an unsavory means, such as a brain dump.
    There is something in the Cisco World that is not only exclusive to Cisco, but famous in Cisco Circles. This something is referred to as the NDA. NDA means Non-Disclosure Agreement. Put simply if you spill the beans then you might be stripped of one’s certification. Not only this is true but also you won’t be permitted to get any future Cisco Certifications including the CCNP or CCDP, and you could forget about the CCIE.
    When one embarks on the CCNA journey they might be sure that there will be many books to be read. The CCNA candidate will spend many nights pouring over Cisco webpages, reviewing labs that don’t make sense and so on. Non-CCNA’s will covet the candidate’s newfound success should he or she pass this exam.
    In the USA the average CCNA with 5 years experience tends to make around $42,000.00 each year. This is a substantial sum of money for sitting around pining wouldn’t you say. Now, I am only making light, nevertheless, you that it is an important position that of the Network Engineer. Suppose you are Desktop Support, if you have an Internet issue then this is a user issue. But when the internet goes down and you are the Network Engineer then everybody is your issue.
    Therefore we are able to say that the CCNA should make much more than the Desktop Support. This is not the case. But, the CCNA has no limit to the upside potential. So, take it in stride and remember that no desktop support personnel make 150k each year, but some Cisco professionals do make that much money. These professionals are usually CCIE or better, meaning their experience level.
    Have you ever heard the term paper CCNA? I doubt you have if you don’t reside in the Cisco world. It is thrown around and is a very big insult to those who have achieved the status of the CCNA. The kind of people that usually say the words “Paper CCNA” are nearly always non-CCNA. Isn’t this interesting and if you know a lot of the human ego and condition this speaks volumes of the accuser. Doesn’t it?
    Who would hurl an insult like this besides a classic bully? Most bullies are driven by what? They are driven by insecurities and too little confidence. Have no fear, I could tell you that it’s very rare for someone whom has achieved the CCNA to ever utter what “Paper CCNA.” That is simply because they know what it takes and the sacrifice that certain has to make to become CCNA. You can find “Paper CCNA’s” and you can find people out there who use brain dumps but their early careers are hard and by enough time they are seasoned they have paid the price by being nervous under the pressure. Far better to do the hard work up front and go directly into work each day with great confidence and pride in your efforts and capabilities, than to cheat. This is a job you enjoy and treasure.
    We hope that people can stay in such an area like Networking. And let us address one final issue. The CCNA will not make you a network engineer. The term engineer is not applicable if you don’t have an engineering degree. Many true Engineers are upset by us utilizing the term network engineer. So why don’t we resolve to use the term technician or architect or manager. This will enable us to know ruffle the ego’s of our true Engineering colleagues.

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